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Fablicious! Fab Pony New Stuff March 12, 2010

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New stuff at Fab Pony and it all comes in lots of very springish colors! I always love to go visit Fab Pony and see what new is out and what new colors she has added to the previously already released. She is one designer that always seems to add more colors to the popular items in her stores, that is pretty cool and pretty smart too. I also like her assortment of colors, they are not the same you see everywhere, she has more unique shades which again, who wants more of what everyone else has?  Here is a little preview but you should go look for yourself.


Skin Laqroki

Shoes Moodys

Hair Bish


It has been raining skins lately February 7, 2010

It seems I go for months wearing a skin, nothing else that I JUST have to have comes around. Then a ‘Skin-Storm’ hits,  It can be expensive  but the joy of a new skin that you just  adore is like a RL good hair day. You know, those days you just seem to look a bit better then normal, your hair falls into place, clothes feel like you just bought them. Ahhhh I love those kind of days. Anyway, I think most of my recent rainfall you have all seen, because they are the famous big guns around the grid like Belleza’s new skin, Alyson, or Gala’s Cupid & Laqroki’s newest Tasha, all of them so yummy!

Bagnaria Wunderle, one of the creators of B&B Skins and More, after a long necessary leave to RL has returned and has released Generation X Skins.



NAIVI January 22, 2010

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If you haven’t heard of Naivi as of yet, you are in for a treat. Zoe Demar, whom I consider a good friend has partnered up with Naivi Toxx in a new ladies fashion boutique in a brand new mall called Alite, and to sum up Niavi  in one word, to me, that word would be Classy.

If you haven’t heard of Zoe, then where have you been? Under a prim mushroom or something? Kidding! LOL Although, Zoe is a pretty well known photographer/graphic designer in SL, and you probably have seen her work even if you don’t realize it. Alphamale/Blacklace is her baby, she does all the photographs/ads for them and those are HAWT right? Not to mention magazines and other major projects big on the grid. She once did my head shot for another company we worked with and I used that head shot, and only that head shot, for everything on the web requiring a photo until just not too long ago. In fact I still have it as my icon on many things throughout the web! lol.

Anyway, my point here I am trying to get across to you, is  how really good  Zoe is in photoshop and illustrator. This  clearly shows in her new designs now available at Niavi.  I  also try to show  how nice these skirts move in some of the pictures below, they have the perfect amount of movement where they seem to flow softly giving such a classy look and feel.  I have no doubt this new brand will be a top name soon in SL and I wish Zoe the success she deserves for all her attention to detail, quality and time she puts into making everything she does perfect. Also, she is just a really good person, if you need her help and she is able to help you, she will. Thank you for that Zoe, you have been a great friend to me for sure. OK! Lets take a look already!

ENU Vintage Lace/Tan Dress

AYO White Solid Dress



PACADI Jasha January 8, 2010

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Hello, sorry it has been a while since I have blogged but I am having the most annoying issue with my graphic card or something, where the photos I take  come out with jagged edges. Therefore, that makes it a bit hard to blog, so I am posting mostly photos I have of the items from the designers and/or I begged friends to take for me. Anyway, I don’t know if you have heard of this new place called Pacadi Jasha but I just found them last week and I liked what I found there. So, I wanted to show you a little of what they have there, and looks like there is more to come as well.

The first item, which is how I discovered this place to begin with is this hot little dress, The Amba Dress and the with an awesome belt included!

The The Mairey belt is also sold separately and is available in seven different great colors

Among belts there are several other accessories available like jewelry and scarfs all of which are great quality. Here is a photo of the Niral Scarf.

My favorite from Pacadi, if forced to choose though is probably the lingerie, such beautiful textures and very well made. I had my friend December take some pictures of me in the Oona lingerie from the Ephoria Collection and even with her beautiful photobubble background you can see how nice the lingerie is and that is is high quality. Thanks December, I am now inspired to make my own photobubble  for when I get my PC issue  fixed.

Please take a look at Pacadi, and keep your eye on them as I think you will see some good stuff coming from them.


ID October 29, 2009

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Hello out there if anyone is even reading this LOL! I have not been around much because I am now an official Art student at the Art Institute. It has been a few years since I have been in school so it takes me twice as long to do assignments and stuff as you spring chickens, not to mention my lack of brain cells which are few and far between. LOL I did a lot of partying in my younger years and I am sure that takes a toll too but anyway, back to my point, crap I forgot what it was. Oh well, Oh yeah I am not around as much in SL and don’t plan on that changing so my posts will not be as often on any of my blogs. I got today off because of a snow storm! I was going to blog a couple items but I ran into another blog post that kind of struck something in me and I feel I need to share my two cents. You have to listen too, because you have read this far so there is no turning back now. *giggles*

The post I am referring to is by Lizzie Lexington and can be found here,

Go on, go read it and report back 🙂

Okay, ready? I don’t know about you, but I think there is a lot of truth here, and a lot of bravery on Lizzie’s part to be able to take this look within herself. Then to see her past behavior and its flaws, and set out to change those flaws and overall perspective. I think that is wonderful of her.  I think there are many of us (if not most of us) that could benefit from a look at ourselves. We all could come up with something about our ID that could be improved,  something we know we could do better at or a habit that we need to break. But I thought a lot about what Lizzie did in her day to day life as part of her change, being nicer to people. Taking time to say Have a great day, or how is your day going? or even just to say hello. I made a promise to myself a while back to make at least one person smile everyday. Many days I didn’t feel like it but I promised myself and if I break a promise then bad karma will come my way and I DO not want that. You know, I can’t tell you haw many times that by keeping my promise, I ended up turning a blah day around. When you are nice to people, it makes you feel good, makes you happier and makes the other person happier too. I wonder what the world might be like if everyone did this. Doesn’t it seem like people were friendlier in your parent’s time and to them in their parent’s time? I just wonder what it will be like for our kids or their kids if we keep loosing the human interaction, the exchange of kind words or smiles. I live in Colorado and maybe other states experience this, but it is almost as if the city and the mountains are two complete worlds. When you are in the city, it’s all honking, rushing and, if there are any looks exchanged, they usually are not smiles. Then, the further you travel into the mountains, the more you start seeing people slowing down to let you in.  People at the store talk to you and have a smile as they do.  Then, and this one really gets me, complete strangers that pass you on the road, wave! *silence & puzzled look* They do not know you and you do not know them, yet, they have a smile and they wave hello to you as they pass by. Why? I always wonder why. I mean, I am glad they do.  And what even surprises me more then that, as a native to this state, I too, always wave to people  when I am in the mountains. Sometimes, I am even first to do it. I don’t even wave to people that live on my block that I don’t know.*another puzzled look*

Anyhow, my real point of this post is the hope that maybe Lizzie’s post or mine will inspire people to be a little nicer, take the time out to wish someone a good day or ask how their day is. Maybe take a look within and commit to better something. Lizzie, good for you girl! Thank you for sharing with us, I am sure it isn’t fun to admit bad behavior or air dirty laundry. It sounds as if you have made it down a long path and now you are starting to reap the benefits of doing so. YAY YOU!

Okay I am done LOL



SL VACATION October 8, 2009

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No not vacation FROM SL but IN SL!


How about picturing you in the French Polynesian Maldives ?


Don’t you need some vacation from your second life? There is now a place for you: Atolls Dust – Dhonveli. Welcome to the Havre De Paix (heaven peace) estate. The centerpiece is this first Atoll, Dhonveli which means Crystal white sand in Dhivenhi (Mahl) language. Inspired by the work of the magician Naiman Broome, It is an aesthetic and luxurious environment that claims peace – A quiet and reenergizing place for a second life cocooning. You can use this private paradise for honeymoon, vacation, get away or residential. This is an ideal setting for a private party or a tropical wedding. You can rent your bungalow for a weekend, 1 week, 2 weeks or the snowbird escape of 2-3 months on the MOST idyllic vacation sim on Second Life.


For your private parties and wedding, there is the Atolls Dust Community center and Club. All residents and visitors have access to chillax areas and game zone.

You need to have a look and bring your friends to see what is new and exceptional on Second Life. Come and be touched by the beauty of the site!

Contact: Moonaco Porta, owner of Atoll Dust – Dhonveli & co-owner of LE.LOOK!                                 ◕‿◕


Invitation for the Opening party


When: Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Time: 1:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m.

Where: Atolls Dust

Dress Code: casual & relax

Featuring: DJ ColoradoCowboy Manen (call him CC)

Bring your friends!

*::*::*::*::    *::*::*::*:   *::*::*::*::*::*::*::*::    *::*::*::*:   *::*::*::*::*::*::*::*::    *::*::*::*:

* All information for renting are inside each bungalows, on the right far corner.

** You are welcome to join the Atolls Dust Group to be aware of promotion and events


Blowpop’s new fishnets and Tesla’s new 6-INCH pumps!

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Blowpop has come out with some awesome fishnets, these are so well done you won’t believe how well they line up on the avatar and even at the challenging ankle. Available in a wide range of styles as I have pictured below here to try to show you, but also in a nice range of colors. Also each style is available in both a ripped and un-ripped version.



Now you need some great heels to wear with these fishnets and Tesla delivers with her new 6, yes SIX inch heels, very sexy indeed!




Touche’ September 17, 2009

Hi kiddo’s I have made it back to this blog finally to bring you yet another one of my new places to shop, Touche’ by designer Treble Freenote Touche’ is not new new, but they have remodeled and reopened their store. I like the way it is set up when you land, you have the choice to enter the store or a little relaxing area to sit and chat with pleasant views and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. They aslo have a skating rink and 1L skates to enjoy a nice skate after or before shopping. The store itself is also pleasing design and layout. What I also liked about Touche’ is the variety in style offered. You can find punk, emo, rock, urban, neko, kitty, grunge, skater, retro, rockabilly, metal, and more as said by Treble Freenote herself. They have jewelry through out the store that is made by designer Siobhan Paravane, partner in business with Treble, and the jewelry is often made to match the outfits which I think is totally awesome. Like the cherry top has cherry necklace and earrings, very good idea to put them right there too, people I think will be more likely to buy them this way.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Zoogaga dress’s. I admit it, I am a sucker for anything giraffe print, it is my phase thing going on right now. The Zoogaga dress’s have 6 different colors with different animal prints on each. I purchased 3 of the 6 that I will show you, the other 3 you are going to need to go to the store to check them out :p Okay, how bout I just show you some of the items from Touche’ and you can go check them out.



Limo to Touche’



.::>>CI<<::. Eva Skin (to be released soon)


hair :: Exodi :: Jackson

TRUTH Luna – Deena

=TEKUTEKU= asymmetry




Maitreya Gold – Ixkin

Maitreya Gold – Shanti

.:Periquita S-Steps


[U&R] Meringue set

[U&R] Paganini Rings

[U&R] Vallenato

(Baiastice) snake & zebra bangles

Ultra Kitty Wild Zebra Bangle

T-Aluinn- Brown accent jewelry set

Twee Gabby’s Glasses

Fruitylicious Silver Jewelry Set ~ Cherry

Gothic Mystery Silver Set ~ Ankh


Some Cool Photoshop Tips I Found August 30, 2009

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Okay,Hi ya all!  I am interrupting this blog from it’s usual content to talk a little about Photoshop. Though I do not by any means claim to be anywhere near a professional or even advanced PS user, I do claim that it is my passion. It is the one thing in this world that I REALLY want to learn, and learn it well. Therefore, I spend A LOT of time reading books, websites, blogs and magazines on PS related material, and when doing that today I found some simple yet many unknown to me, little tips to make things much easier, and I thought I would share them with you.  I know many of you will already know these, but I also believe there are many like me who don’t. These 10 simple tips can make things SO much easier and quicker. Have a look, maybe you don’t know all of these, and I can be the teacher for once! YAY!


  1. Double-click to open documents: To open a document in Photoshop, just double-click on the grey Photoshop window background and hey presto.
  2. Hiding the Palettes with the Tab key: Need more room on the screen? Hide the palettes by pressing the Tab key. Get them back by pressing Tab again.
  3. Full screen mode: Need even more space? You can toggle between a full screen mode with and without menu bar, and normal editing mode just by clicking the F key.
  4. Nudging: Want more precision on your moves?  Hold down the Control key & use the up, down, left and right arrows to move the layer 1 pixel at a time. To move the layer by 10 pixels at a time, hold down the Shift key as well.
  5. Moving whole layers: An easy way to move a whole layer is to simply hold down the Control key and click and drag on your layer with the mouse
  6. Copy layers between documents: You can copy a layer from one document to another simply by clicking on it in the Layers palette & dragging it across to the second document window
  7. Use Layer Sets: Layer sets let you organize your layers into folders – very useful if you have lots of layers in a document! An example of this may be a vector background with a complex foreground mosaic. You could make a folder for each the background and the foreground. To create a new Layer Set, click on the folder icon at the bottom of the Layers palette, then drag layers on top of a layer set to add them to the set
  8. Choosing colors quickly: Press I to bring up the Eyedropper tool, then click on a color in your image to make that color the foreground color. Press the ALT key and click to make the color the background color instead.You can also press the D key to reset the foreground and background colors to the default (black and white), and the X key to swap the foreground and background colors.
  9. How to get straight lines: Constrain movement of the mouse to the nearest 45-degree or 90-degree angle just by holding down the Shift key while you click & drag with the mouse.
  10. I Made a Mistake, What do I do: Try pressing CTRL, Z to undo the last command. If its older than the last then open the History Window from the Windows menu. From here you can see all the changes you have made. Highlight the change you want to undo and then click on the rubbish bin.

Well? Did you know all of those already? Did I help anyone out there? I hope so! Okay back to SL related stuff. *bounces back to photoshop*



PRIM FEET/TOE SHOES August 21, 2009

If you know me, or have read any of my blogs you know that I am a big shoe freak, I love shoes and now I love prim feet/toes shoes. I know many still are not into the prim feet and I think a big reason for that is because of the skin tinting. I agree completely, some prim feet are incredibly hard to match and can be compared to fitting eyelashes on the frustration meter. I had been planning on doing a comparison of the most popular prim feet shoes until today when I found another blogger had just done it, and she did an awesome job. I agree with about everything she says about everyone of the 8 shoes in the review. Therefore, I am going to link you to her post, but, not so fast. I do have a few things I really need to add to the subject.


The Blog is fashioncracked, the blogger is Katey Coppola from Glitterati Poses and the post is

Prim feet – The good, the bad, the impossible to tint

Okay first things first, Onyx, I have a girl crush on you now. OMG those shoes are incredible, I think competition has arrived for Moody. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Moody’s and I will still buy them, because I buy all the shoes that I find of good quality and style. I do hope that Moody might answer the competition with comparable prices, as I do think Moody’s are a bit overpriced, especially now lol.  Anyway, back to the new Maitreya shoes *drools* I do have one wish with these, I bought the fatpack and was a little disappointed to find they were not color change, that is the extra bonus of shelling out the bucks at once for me, so I can be lazy and just change colors instead of having to dig around in my inventory to change the whole shoe. I know this is a minor thing but I hope it will be a consideration for the next group to be released (which I really hope is very soon *crosses fingers*).  Everything else about these shoes is absolutely dreamy, smooth hud and I like the way it tucks away neatly not obstructing my screen yet ot hard to find, see little things are important to me. The tinting and sizing is super easy so far for the skins I have worn with them and the toes, I love those toes, they really look real don’t they.

Next thing I wanted to mention was in regards to the Moody tinting which Katey covered well but I want to take it a little further because it is one of the biggies of why I love the Bare line. If you click on that control freak as Katey shows you can then click on the direct input and put your skin RGB numbers directly in to assure a perfect match. There are several ways to get your RGB numbers for your skin, my perfered method is using the free program Colorpic and you just mouse over the area and the numbers are shown right there. I have a notecard with my favorite skins RGB numbers for quick reference when I need that. I find the method under advanced method hasn’t been as accurate for me, maybe it’s me but I really do prefer putting in these numbers instead of clicking arrows up and down or whatever to find the right color. I wish more designers would allow this method along with whatever other method is in their huds.

The last thing I want to say is if you are not using the WL presets by now, PLEASE come out from under whatever it is you have been hiding under and get them. There are several places to get them from, Redgrave, Caliah, Ana or just google WL Presets, you will find them. They make you look better, they make me look better to you, and you wont have to look at mismatched feet to skin anymore. Also, big bonus, you will not need to wear those face lights anymore! NOBODY needs a facelight anymore, unless you are doing photography and want certain light effects or something. Otherwise, face lights are so out of style now, get rid of them, WL presets are the new facelight. I don’t even know why they are still packaged with items from designers anymore, I am sure there is a good reason but I don’t know what it is.

That is it, I am done. Katey, thank you for the awesome post girl, you did a really great job on that. I am off to go get some other shoes Casja just plurked about now! Bye for now *waves*